First, allow me to introduce myself – my name is Tim, founder of Red Angle Fishing Products

Growing up in rural Ohio, fishing was and still is my favorite pastime hobby. The moment I became old enough to hold a fishing rod, my Grandfather was quick to get me on the water and introduced me to fishing. Although I may have eaten more worms than fish caught then, this red-headed boy’s passion for fishing immediately grew. And since my hair was so red, Grandpa gave me the nickname, “Red.”

In 2005, my Grandpa unexpectedly passed away. Not only did I lose a Grandfather and fishing buddy, but I lost my very best friend. I can remember the fishing stories he told, the knowledge he shared to catch fish, and the memories spent together that I’ll forever have. Our time fishing together helped shape me into the person I’ve become and provided me with love for fishing that can’t be explained.

Picture of Tim - Red Angle Fishing Products

Pictured above: Tim – Founder of Red Angle Fishing Products

Tim's Grandpa

Pictured above: My Grandfather

One day while fishing alone, I made the decision to carry on my Grandpa’s legacy. It was at this moment I chose to create Red Angle Fishing Products. Why did I choose this name you may ask? As mentioned earlier, Grandpa would call me Red, and his last name was Angle. This inspired me to combine the two names and carry on our family tradition and the importance that he holds in my heart.

Inspired by our heritage, Red Angle Fishing Products provides anglers with American-made handcrafted lures for success on the water. My attention to detail that I learned from Grandpa ensures the quality that you demand when catching fish. Red Angle Fishing Products are perfected to grant lifelike movements and the best presentation without cutting corners. Put your faith in a product you will trust!

It’s not just fishing… It’s our heritage!