Become a Retailer of Red Angle Fishing Products

Do you want to improve sales for your bait and tackle shop and develop a relationship with an American-made bait company? Being a retailer of Red Angle Fishing Products is an excellent opportunity to accomplish the previously mentioned question. We enjoy working with other fishing enthusiasts that share the same passion about the outdoors as we do.

About Red Angle Fishing Products

Inspired by our heritage, Red Angle Fishing Products provides anglers with American-made handcrafted baits for improved success on the water. Red Angle Fishing Products are perfected to grant the best presentation, lifelike movements, and professional-grade quality without cutting corners. Our attention to detail ensures the quality that fishermen demand when catching fish. We strive to provide fishing baits that you will trust. It’s not just fishing… It’s our heritage!

Learn more about Red Angle Fishing Products by reading our About Us page.

Reel Us Into Your Retail Store

Your first step in becoming a retailer of Red Angle Fishing Products is to submit the required information listed below through our Contact Us Form:

  • Add “Become a Retailer” at the beginning of your submission.
  • Introduce yourself by providing your first and last name.
  • Provide your fishing retailer name and location.
  • Add your website.
  • Let us get to know you: Provide a detailed background about your fishing store.
  • What are your company goals and how will Red Angle Fishing Products help you accomplish them?
  • Add additional information about why you think this will be a successful partnership.

We will review your submission once it’s received and contact you with additional information.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a retailer of Red Angle Fishing Products, and we’re excited about the possibility to fish together.

Red Angle Fishing Products holds the right to choose who will be a retailer of ours. Not all submissions will be accepted, but we make the best effort to communicate our decision with you even if you’re not selected.