Red Angle Fishing Products – Privacy, Marketing & Security Policy

Here at Red Angle Fishing Products, we’re a lot like fish, we know what we do and don’t want. And one of the things we want is to respect your privacy in a safe way. You know how you spend hours trying to catch one big bass, just to realize it wants nothing to do with you? Well, you are the bass and you have the right to let us know when you don’t want anything to do with us.

Information Collected, Used & Shared

Since we have sole ownership of the company and website, your information that’s shared during purchasing fishing products is never leased, rented, or sold to others.

Your information is used for Red Angle Fishing Products to communicate with you. We do not share your personal information with third party organizations, other than our credit card processing team in order to complete your transactions.

Unless you request otherwise, we may contact you regarding new product releases, fishing news, site upgrades, price changes, promotions, and marketing-related information.

Marketing Updates About Cool Fishing Stuff

When you make a purchase with Red Angle Fishing Products, you’re agreeing to opt-in to awesome fishing and marketing-related emails and/or texts. Marketing material may include, but not limited to, our recent fishing articles, promotional offers, discounts, new products, how-to content, and more.

This material is designed to provide you with many benefits for catching fish, and we promise not to spam you.

Control How You’re Contacted

You have the right to opt-out of future communication at any time. You can do so in a variety of ways:

  1. Contact us directly via email
  2. Contact us directly via phone
  3. Select the unsubscribe option on marketing emails

Much like a fish, you may not be interested in what someone is offering and want to swim off peacefully – and we respect that.

Your Security is More Important Than Landing a 10 Pounder

We take your security very seriously. This is why we protect your information by not storing your credit card information on our website. All credit card processing is encrypted by our third party billing team.

You can ensure your security is safe by verifying that our website has ”https” at the beginning of our web page address. You can also confirm by looking for the closed lock icon on your browser, signaling that our website is safe and secure.

Let’s Bring it Back to The Dock & Sum it Up

Here at Red Angle Fishing Products, we want our customers to catch the best experience possible in order to meet their fishing goals. We are not here to sell your information or put your security at risk. Just like being on the water, safety and respect for others always comes first.