How to Rig and Fish a Donkey Rig

How to rig and fish a donkey rig is easy and efficient. The donkey rig is often referred to as the double fluke rig and compared to the tandem rig. This fishing rig is a versatile and effective setup for bass fishing in a variety of conditions. The donkey rig also provides anglers with the opportunity to catch two fish at one time. Learning how to rig and fish the donkey rig is another technique that will improve your bass fishing skills.

In this blog, we’ll explore how to rig a donkey rig and provide expert tips on how to fish it to maximize your chances of landing trophy-sized bass.

How to Rig The Donkey Rig

To rig the donkey rig, you’ll need two hooks, a leader line, and your choice of soft plastic baits.

Here’s how to rig it:

  1. Start by rigging a soft-plastic fishing bait on a hook, such as The Dart
  2. Cut off about 10 inches of the fishing line after tying your first hook.
  3. Connect the end of the line to a small barrel swivel with your fishing knot of choice.
  4. Run your main line without a hook through the opposite end of the barrel swivel.
  5. Connect the end of your main line to a second barrel swivel with the knot of your choice.
  6. Tie about eight inches of line to the bottom of the second barrel swivel.
  7. Tie your second hook to the main line and rig another Dart on the hook.

The donkey rig is finished with the top swivel resting on the bottom swivel. The line connected to the top barrel swivel will be longer than the other to prevent tangles. When rigged properly, the top swivel freely glides on the main line of the donkey rig. 

How to Fish The Donkey Rig

Now that your donkey rig is rigged up and ready to go, it’s time to hit the water and start fishing. 

Here are some tips on how to fish the donkey rig effectively:

  1. Cast your donkey rig near cover, structure, open water, or other likely bass-holding areas.
  2. Allow the rig to sink to the desired depth, keeping an eye on your line for subtle bites or movements.
  3. Once the rig has reached the desired depth, start by using a slow, steady retrieve to impart action to the soft plastic baits.
  4. Experiment with different retrieval speeds, pauses, and jerks to entice strikes from bass.
  5. Pay attention to changes in water temperature, wind direction, or other environmental factors that may affect bass behavior.
  6. Be patient and persistent, as bass may be attracted to one bait over the other or prefer a specific presentation style.

Donkey Rig Fishing Conclusion

The donkey rig is a versatile and effective setup for bass fishing that allows anglers to present two baits simultaneously. Following these rigging and fishing techniques, you can increase your chances of landing trophy-sized bass and enjoy success on the water. So grab your gear, rig up a donkey rig, and get ready for an unforgettable bass fishing adventure!

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