740 StriKer


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Size: 4.25″
Package Qty: 6

The 740 StriKer is a soft-plastic bait that offers subtle and natural wobbling action. Packed with a durable ribbed body and three additional ribs in the split tail, it’s designed to decrease unnecessary erratic action, unlike other baits in its class. Perfected with the right amount of coloring and flake, this soft-plastic fishing lure offers ideal options for what you need to catch fish.

The 740 StriKer is perfect for many fishing techniques including:

  • Damiki Rig
  • Bladed Jig Trailer
  • Subtle Swimbait
  • Drop Shot
  • Trailer Bait
  • Hover Rig
  • Scrounger
  • Spinnerbait Trailer
  • Baitfish Presentation
  • Finesse Fishing Techniques

Whether you’re fishing with forward-facing sonar or not, the 740 StriKer is a must-have for modern fishing techniques!


5 reviews for 740 StriKer

  1. Rick ganoung (verified owner)

    Awsome product out of the package. Very pleased with the scent added to the strikers. Looking forward to trying them. Would make an awsome trailer for chatter bait incredible action great customer service received my order fast

  2. Greg W.

    I bought these baits at a local event and immediately started catching fish the day I used them. Great quality and perfect size. I will be buying more!

  3. Zach Zimmerman

    All I have to say is WOW!!!! I’m glad Tim took the time to tell me about the benefits the 740 StriKer offers because I’ve been HAMMERING the bass on them! I even caught some walleye!!!

  4. That fishing guy

    Holy smokes Batman, these baits catch fish! Amazing for the popular damiki rig right now for bass. I also use the striker as a trainer for my bladed jigs. If these aren’t in your tackle box then you ain’t fishing right. Get some!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Eric McMann

    Hands down my favorite all around fishing lure.

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