Ninja Kicker


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Size: 4″
Package Qty: 6

Great when fished as a Texas rig, weighted, weightless, swimbait, or used as a trailer bait, the Ninja Kicker is a reliable soft bait that’s guaranteed to improve massive strikes. Its ability to kick around water provokes fish to eagerly seek it out. The kicking action of the Ninja Kicker gives additional options to use right side up or sideways to mimic the lifelike movements of a panfish while using the cast and retrieve technique on a jig head, spinnerbait, or bladed jig. This rugged fishing soft bait is designed to kick some “bass” while on the water. Take your soft-plastic fishing skills to the next level and start catching quality fish with the Ninja Kicker.


2 reviews for Ninja Kicker

  1. Fisherman Earl

    I bought the ninja kicker along with some other items that I will be reviewing. This bait surprised me with how well it is made. I got the black color to use as a trailer for my jigs and I’ve been catching fish. Great action and I can catch numerous fish with one ninja kicker. I highly recommend.

  2. Timothy Gittinger (verified owner)

    The ninja kicker it’s going to be a great jig trailer! It looks well made and has those little ribs that I think will create some great water disturbance and add to more bites

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