Rocket Bug


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Size: 4.25”
Package Qty: 8

Whether you’re flipping into heavy cover, fishing open water, or need a trailer bait to enhance your presentation, the Rocket Bug creature bait is for you. It provides a durable body with a ton of aggressive action to catch any fish’s attention. The Rocket Bug is designed to be fished fast or slow to ensure huge strikes from huge fish. We recommend fishing the Rocket Bug with added weight to optimize fish catching results. This is a soft-plastic bait that you don’t want to reel without.

3 reviews for Rocket Bug

  1. John Jurkiewicz

    Caught a four pounder this week using the watermelon candy for the first time on Lake St. Clair.

  2. Fish the Mitt (verified owner)

    Used the blue and black bug last week on a shaky head.. 2 large mouth with in few minutes. Highly recommend!!

  3. Timothy Gittinger (verified owner)

    The rocket bug is going to be great and it seems well made. I can’t wait to get out and throw this around by itself and as a jig trailer.

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