Magnum Razor Tail


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Size: 7″
Package Qty: 6

If you like catching big fish, then the Magnum Razor Tail Worm is a must-have. Powered with a thick body, this worm’s tail slices through water like a razor to provide action that fish can’t resist. The Magnum Razor Tail Worm offers versatility with options to be fished as a swimbait, retrieved through grass, slow-rolled across the bottom, added as a trailer bait, or Texas rigged. Unlike most soft-plastic worms, you can also cast and retrieve to allow the razor-like tail to mimic a moving fish. Explore a new world of fishing success by using the Magnum Razor Tail Worm!

1 review for Magnum Razor Tail

  1. Fisherman Earl

    This is a big worm with a lot of tail movement. I never tried a lure like this so I added a pack of the St Clair Ice. The color was beautiful and the worm itself didn’t need extra weight added since it’s dense and heavier. I really like this bait and will have to get more colors. I caught all largemouth bass on the magnum razor tail worm. Highly recommend.

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