Ribbon Tail Sr. 10″


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Size: 10″
Package Qty: 8

When you need a fishing worm bait that gracefully falls with the tail providing a lot of action for big bites, then the Ribbon Tail Worm Sr is for you. The father of the Ribbon Tail Worm Jr, this soft-plastic worm features a detailed ribbed body, a long ribbon-like tail, and a whopping 10” in total length. This Ribbon Tail worm can be fished with a Carolina rig, Texas rig, and other finesse fishing techniques. Its natural wiggling, rapid tail twirling, and lifelike swimming action provide the option to be fished fast or slow. The Ribbon Tail Worm Sr provides a large presentation that makes fish curious to taste this amazing soft-plastic worm!

1 review for Ribbon Tail Sr. 10″

  1. Fisherman Earl

    Being an old school guy, I use a lot of ribbon tail worms. These ones are really long and I used them last summer on hot days when the bite was tough. The bass really liked them and I was impressed with how good they held up.

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