Spear Tail


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Size: 5.1″
Package Qty: 6

The versatile Spear Tail Worm is known for its multi-purpose role when fishing soft-plastic worms. Its size packs a powerful presentation for anglers who need a larger dropshot bait for bigger fish, or a worm for universal fishing applications. The Spear Tail softbait worm is great for many finesse fishing techniques. Its speared tail is designed to float off the bottom when fishing a shaky head rig so fish can’t resist striking it. The Spear Tail Worm offers a ribbed body and flat bottom, allowing fishermen to be versatile with their fishing style.


3 reviews for Spear Tail

  1. Tom (verified owner)

    Been using these worms for ice fishing with a dropshot rig. I have caught numerous fish on one pack, including a few pike and walleye. I’m mostly impressed with the good quality. Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep buying.


  2. ReelFishingwithLik

    My favorite dropshot bait very durable and for a good price

  3. Jason Young

    I was recommended by Tim from red angle to try these worms as I want to improve my finesse fishing skills. He is one of the best finesse anglers I’ve heard of so I took his recommendation. I got green pumpkin, pumpkin seed, royal Charlene, and watermelon candy. He told me to fish them as a neko rig and man oh man I’m sure glad because I caught dozens of bass yesterday. The bait itself is great quality and the colors are awesome. Thanks Tim for taking the time to assist with my needs and helping me grow my fishing skills.

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