Thick Stick


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Size: 5.1″
Package Qty: 6

As the big brother of the Wiggle Stick, the Thick Stick gives fishermen an option to fish a thicker stickbait without having to go too long. Its dense and thicker body easily stands out to catch the attention of giant fish. Similar to the Wiggle Stick, the Thick Stick holds up against the toughest fish, providing durability without compromising its action. This soft-plastic stickbait can be fished in a multitude of techniques including the Texas rig, wacky rig, Neko rig, and more. The Thick Stick is your stickbait solution for producing massive strikes from larger fish! Shop our other stick baits. *If you’re using a wacky rig, we recommend using 5/16” or 3/8” (inner diameter) o-rings to prevent from cutting into the Thick Stick.


4 reviews for Thick Stick

  1. Shane (verified owner)

    The material of the bait and packaging for this product was phenomenal. Very excited to use this product. Putting another order in for other colors as we speak.

  2. Billie (verified owner)

    This thick stick in the watermelon candy color has helped me land countless bass. Not only do the bass absolutely love it, but these hold up extremely well too! The quality is second to none!

  3. ReelFishingwithLik

    My favorite bait soft plastic ever very durable can use it multiple times 10/10 for me catch fish every time I use it

  4. Timothy Gittinger (verified owner)

    These thick sticks seem legit! They seem very well made and look like a hardy bait for sure. I threw some skits on them and used the o-ring size suggested and they turned out great can’t wait to use them.

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