Wiggle Stick


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Size: 5.25″
Package Qty: 10

The Wiggle Stick is one of the most efficient soft baits for catching fish. This stickbait offers a natural wiggle as it falls through the water which entices fish to attack for an easy meal. Unlike competitors, the Wiggle Stick is designed to hold up against the toughest fish. Providing versatility, the Wiggle Stick can be used on a wacky rig, Texas rig, Neko rig, and more! See why the Wiggle Stick is the #1 soft plastic stickbait that allows anglers to put more fish in the boat! Shop our other stick baits. *Our Wiggle Stick is thicker than the average stickbait. We recommend using a 5/16” (inner diameter) o-ring when wacky rigging. This will prevent the o-ring from cutting into the Wiggle Stick.


8 reviews for Wiggle Stick

  1. Angelica (verified owner)

    Love these things and will definitely be ordering more. Realistic movements in the water and I’ve been catching fish like crazy with them!

  2. Nick Minoletti

    Red Angles wiggle stick is the best hands down stick bait I have ever fishing. I caught 8 largemouth on the Obi Wan Goby today and it’s still got more life in it. Love the color. Keep up good work at Red Angle.

  3. Ryan Smith

    After having a great day with some tubes, I strictly fished these wiggle sticks and they did not disappoint! I caught 7 bass from the bank missed a few more (my own fault ) . After all that action they still had plenty of life in them and continued to perform ! I’ll be spreading the word of RA Fishing products back in AZ !

  4. ReelFishingwithLik

    Toughest soft plastic ever 💯‼️caught some Nice jacks and bass off them

  5. Timothy Gittinger (verified owner)

    The wiggle sticks seem well made and look like they will have great movement. I put some skirts on a couple and they look killer I can’t wait for winter to get over

  6. Dave M

    Red Angle wiggle sticks are the real deal! Cant go wrong throwing senkos and the red angle wiggle sticks just fall so nice. We tried a few different colors but the pearch goldish color and the darker pumpkins seemed to work best on our northern Michigan lakes. We rig em wacky and weightless texas style on 3/0 hooks and rip em all day long. As i was prepping the boat to go hit the lake my son was yanking them in off the dock before i even go the cover off the boat. Bass love em! Great products, will definitely be buying more!

  7. Chelsea

    If you want to catch fish – definitely try these wiggle sticks! I’ve caught several good large mouth bass using this product. Good quality & bass love them!

  8. Brad (verified owner)

    Excellent to us in the wacky rig set up. Has caught countless fish using a few different colors. Junebug was a hit a couple weeks back. Very durable

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