Wacky Walkin’ Frog


Body Size: 2.8”
Weight: .55 oz
Qty: 1

The Wacky Walkin’ Frog is perfect for walking and gliding across thick cover, pads, vegetation, and open water. This hollow-body frog’s design is weedless to provide a topwater lure that triggers hidden fish to go wacky, resulting in EXCITING blow-ups. 


2 reviews for Wacky Walkin’ Frog

  1. Brantley Long

    Just like the poppin frogs the wacky frog is my go to for topwater fishing. I stocked up on 2 of each colors because I fish frogs a lot here in AR. Very durable material and sharp hooks.

  2. Richard G.

    I love frog fishing and was pumped when I saw Red Angle came out with topwater frogs. They have been putting in the work down here in Florida!

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