Tube Bait – Large Larry


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Size: 4″
Package Qty: 10

Large Larry is an aggressive tube bait option for fishermen who demand more density and size from their tube baits. This soft-plastic tube bait can be fished in many ways including drop shot, Texas rig, weighted, internal tube hook, and more. Whether you need to flip into cover, drag across the bottom, or fish through weeds, the Large Larry tube bait promises to catch fish in all conditions and structures. Due to its hollow body, fishing techniques are nearly endless. Enhance your fish-catching ability with the Large Larry tube bait.


3 reviews for Tube Bait – Large Larry

  1. Brandon C. (verified owner)

    I’ve had a lot of success with this tube bait.

  2. Ryan Smith

    I was visiting the area and wasn’t having much luck. I watched Live 2 Fish on YouTube, and he was slamming fish with the RA tubes . I reached out to Tim at Red Angle and he got me squared away with the OBi Wan Gobi tubes and I started slamming fish from the shore !! Thanks guys , great product !!

  3. Fisherman Earl

    I added a pack of these tubes to my tackle box last spring and ended up buying a lot more because I liked them so much. I like natural colors but I tried also tried the red angle color and holy smokes I was surprised with how many bites I got. A lot of fish caught on all the colors I bought.

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