Tube Bait – Tiny Tim


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Size: 3.75″
Package Qty: 10

Introducing the slim and thin tube bait that’s designed for fish with all mouth sizes, Tiny Tim stands out as a favorite for smallmouth anglers. Its smaller diameter and softness allow fish with smaller mouths to easily choke it down to enhance your hook-up ratio. Small but mighty, the Tiny Tim tube bait is a soft-plastic fishing bait that’s simple and effective to use while on the water. Whether you’re dragging it across the bottom, drop-shotting, or using an internal tube hook, the Tiny Tim soft bait tube provides a variety of fishing applications due to its hollow body that will improve the quality and quantity of fish you catch!


2 reviews for Tube Bait – Tiny Tim

  1. Fish the Mitt (verified owner)

    Small mouth loved Tiny Tim tubes . .. eating them like candy

  2. Mark Evans (verified owner)

    Well threw Golden Goby tube today bite was tough for bass but hooked on to a nice rainbow trout while bass fishing these tubes are nice love the colors can’t wait to get back on water

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