What is a Power Shot Fishing Rig

The power shot rig allows you to fish like a drop shot in a powerful and reliable method around heavy cover. Power shotting is similar to the traditional drop shot rig except that it provides heavier gear and line when fishing around dense and matted vegetation to avoid break-offs. Fishing baits are typically bigger and rigged weedless to eliminate the power shot from getting hung up and snagged. A power shot is unquestionably one of the best methods for catching bass, regardless of the season. 

Since you’ll be fishing the power shot with beefed-up tackle, heavier line, and baitcasting equipment, we’ll cover everything you need to successfully fish the power shot rig. 

Reels for Power Shot Fishing Rig

Although the word power is in this fishing rig, it’s still a finesse technique. Fishermen will need a casting reel designed for finesse and power fishing. A 70 to 100 series reel is perfect for the power shot fishing rig. The thinner and smaller spool on a 70 to 100 series baitcasting reel provides the ability to cast short distances accurately. 

When fishing the power shot, your reel should have a gear ratio of 7:1 or higher. Anglers need the combination of quick retrieval and power that a smaller series casting reel offers when fishing around dense cover with the power shot rig.

Fishing Rods for Power Shot Rig

Fishing rods for power shotting will need the proper loadup time and backbone strength. Ideally, you’ll want a medium-heavy powered fishing rod with fast to extra-fast action. In some instances, anglers choose a heavy-powered rod if they’re fishing extremely dense cover. The length of the rod depends on the casting distance you’ll be making when using the power shot rig. 

Select a rod length between 6’10” and 7’6″. A shorter rod will provide more accuracy and is excellent for shorter distances. A longer fishing rod allows longer casts and better leverage for muscling large bass. Select the best fishing rod that’s best for you.

Line for Power Shot Fishing

Unlike the traditional drop shot, the power shot requires a beefier fishing line. Selecting a line between 12lb – 20lb test is ideal for power shotting based on how much cover you’ll be fishing around. Use fluorocarbon line for power shot fishing for strength, durability, and decreased visibility to fish. If you’re unsure which size to use, 15lb fluorocarbon line for power shot fishing. In situations with extreme cover, brush, and logs, upgrade to a 65lb braided line. 

What to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your rod is rated according to the line you’re using. 
  • You’ll be using a casting reel geared towards power and won’t have the drag that a spinning reel provides.

Power Shot Fishing Baits

Power shot fishing baits are typically larger soft-plastic baits such as the Finesse Arrow Worm, Spear Tail Worm, and Drop Kick. A Larger bait presentation goes well with a heavier line and a bigger hook for the power shot rig. Make color selections depending on water conditions, clarity, and the time of year you’re fishing. It’s popular to use darker colors if the water is stained and brighter colors for clear water. 

Our recommended natural colors for power shot bait:

  • Green pumpkin
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Watermelon/black flake
  • Black

Our recommended bright color for power shot baits:

  • Morning dawn
  • Peppered pickle
  • White
  • Faye’s rose gold

Hook Size for Power Shot

Increased hook size for power shot fishing is crucial. Since you’re using larger fishing baits than a standard drop shot, you’ll need a hook to accommodate the change. Larger gauge hooks also prevent bending and breaking in dense cover. Hook sizes ranging from 2/0 to 5/0 are popular power shot hook options. EWG hook are successful when using a bulky and thick bait. However, if you’re fishing a slimmer bait, then select a straight-shank-worm hook. 

Rig your power shot hook in a texpose technique to keep your hook weedless and eliminate snags. 

Weight for Power Shot

For a power shot, tie-on drop shot weights are preferred options because pinch-style weights are likely to snag and fall off in dense cover. The majority of fishermen will utilize weights ranging from 3/8 to 1/2 ounces. However, you should modify your choice based on the circumstances and cover that you’re fishing for weight for the power shot rig.

Whether you’re looking to fish a drop shot or power fish, combining the two to create the power shot will produce fish. Please let us know in the comments if you now understand what is a power shot rig.

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