When to Fish a Tube Bait

When, where, and how to fish a tube bait is crucial to fishing this effective bait. Few lures offer the versatility and effectiveness of tube baits. These soft plastic lures mimic baitfish and crayfish, making them irresistible to bass in all conditions. 

In this fishing tube blog, we will cover when, where, and how to fish a tube bait. Fishermen will learn the various ways to rig a tube bait for bass fishing, including popular techniques and tips for maximizing your success on the water. 

When to Fish Tube Baits

Tube baits can be effective year-round, but certain seasons and conditions lend themselves particularly well to this versatile lure. In the spring, when bass are spawning and seeking cover in shallow water, tube baits excel at mimicking natural prey and enticing aggressive strikes. 

During the summer months, when bass often retreat to deeper water in search of cooler temperatures, tube baits can be deadly when fished along ledges, drop-offs, and submerged structures. 

In the fall, as bass feed voraciously to prepare for the winter months, tube baits are a go-to choice for imitating baitfish and triggering feeding responses. 

Even in the winter, when bass are sluggish and less active, tube baits fished slowly and methodically can still produce bites from lethargic fish.

Where to Fish Tube Baits

The versatility of tube baits extends to their adaptability to a variety of fishing environments. Whether you’re fishing a clear mountain lake, a weedy reservoir, or a rocky river, tube baits can be effectively deployed in a range of habitats and conditions. Look for areas with submerged vegetation, such as lily pads, hydrillas, or milfoils, where bass are likely to ambush prey. 

Rocky points, submerged brush piles, and boat docks are prime locations to target with tube baits. Additionally, don’t overlook the potential of fishing tube baits in current, such as along riverbanks or below dams, where bass congregate to feed and seek refuge from the flow.

How to Rig and Fish Tube Baits

Anglers use a variety of fishing techniques to rig tube baits. Depending on the location of bass, water conditions, and water depths, tube bait rigs are nearly endless. Now that you know when and where to fish tube baits, let’s dive into how to rig and fish tubes to maximize their effectiveness on the water. 

Texas Rigging a Tube Bait

The Texas rig is one of the most popular and versatile ways to rig a tube bait. To rig a tube bait Texas style, run your line through a bullet weight and connect your hook. The point of the hook should enter the bottom of the tube bait and exit the top. Rigging the hook through the body ensures the hook point remains buried inside the bait. This setup allows for weedless presentations, making it ideal for fishing in heavy cover, vegetation, or rocky terrain where bass like to hide. Learning how to properly Texas rig a tube also provides excellent hook-setting opportunities.

Jighead For Fishing Tubes

For anglers seeking a more aggressive presentation, rigging a tube bait on a jighead can be highly effective, especially when fishing in deeper water or targeting active bass. To rig a tube bait on a jighead, push the head of the jig hook inside of the tube. Ensure the jig hook sits straight and securely. Jighead rigging allows for greater control over the depth and action of the bait, making it perfect for vertical jigging, dragging along the bottom, or hopping off the bottom to mimic fleeing prey.

Carolina Rigging Tubes

Another effective rigging technique for tube baits is the Carolina rig. To rig a tube bait Carolina style, attach a bullet weight to your main line, followed by a bead and a swivel. Tie a leader line to the other end of the swivel, then attach your tube bait to the leader using a hook. The Carolina rig provides a clicking-like noise from the bead making contact with the swivel and weight. This setup is particularly effective for fishing along the bottom or structures, where bass are likely feeding.

Using Tubes For Drop Shot 

Drop shot rigging is a finesse technique that works exceptionally well with tube baits, especially in clear water or when bass are finicky. To rig a tube bait for drop shot fishing, tie a drop shot hook to your main line, leaving a tag end of about 12-18 inches. Drop shot allows the tube bait to stand upright off the bottom, enticing bass with its natural appearance and subtle movements.

Jigging Technique For Tubes

Another effective technique is jigging, which involves casting the tube bait out and letting it sink to the desired depth before imparting subtle twitches or hops to mimic the movement of natural prey. Experiment with different retrieval speeds, pauses, and rod movements to find the presentation that triggers the most strikes from bass in your fishing area.

The Best Tube Baits

Best Fishing Tube Baits

Fishermen will want to choose quality tubes that last and catch fish. Here are two of the best tube baits on the fishing market. 

Large Larry Tube

Coming in at 4” in length, the Large Larry tube bait by Red Angle Fishing offers superior durability against all fish species. The Large Larry tube gives anglers a little more of a larger profile bait when fishing the tube. Coming in a variety of colors, the Large Larry tube is a bait that is a must for your tackle box. 

Tiny Tim Tube Bait

Red Angle Fishing offers a smaller tube at 3.75” in length. The Tiny Tim tube bait is very versatile given the size. Highly efficient for smallmouth bass fishing, the Tiny Tim tube also offers a slimmer and smaller size for largemouth bass. This fishing tube also comes in numerous colors for anglers located all over the country. 

Reeling in The Conclusion to Tube Bait Fishing

In conclusion, tube baits are a versatile and effective lure for bass fishing, offering anglers a wide range of options for targeting bass in various seasons, habitats, and conditions. By understanding when, where, and how to fish tube baits, you can increase your chances of success on the water and experience the thrill of landing trophy-sized bass. So grab your rod, stock up on tube baits, and prepare for an unforgettable fishing adventure!

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