Why Fishermen Use Red Fishing Lures

Red and similar colors, such as orange, are effective during periods of the year for bass fishing. As seasons and water temps change, so do the forage and the eating habits of bass. Fishermen constantly attempt to identify the best bass fishing baits and lures and which colors to cast. The answer to why fishermen use red lures for bass fishing varies, but we break down why in this fishing article.

When to Use Red Fishing Lures

The most popular time to use red lures for bass fishing is in the spring or early in the year. For example, a fisherman in South Carolina may start to use red colors in January, whereas someone fishing in Ohio may not fish with red lures until April. The time of year to use red depends on the type of forage in the water you’re fishing. Ranging from crawfish to salamanders, these tasty critters’ colors may vary from season to season. Timing is crucial for fishermen to identify when prey is changing in the body of water they are fishing. 

Red Bass Fishing Lure

Red Fishing Lures Mimic Crawfish

Using fishing lures in red, orange, or a mixture of the two is effective when mimicking crawfish in the spring. Crayfish start to emerge and start their spawning cycle when the water temps hit 55 degrees. During this time, they will have a red and orange color to them. Although crawfish mate in the fall, most spawning occurs in the spring, according to Britannica.

Since this period falls during the crawfish molting season, many fishermen think bass target red more often. Craws can change red or orange during the time they go through their molting faze. Spring is an excellent time to use red fishing lures that mimic crayfish.

Red Crawfish Fishing Lures

Another factor and the number one reason a crawfish will be red or orange is due to their diet. When a crayfish first comes out for the year, it has to filter the muddy or clay-like bottom they’re emerging from, resulting in them turning a reddish and orangeish color. As algae grow in the spring and the zooplankton start, crayfish begin feeding on these materials and change in color.

Red Fishing Lures Simulate Bleeding Prey 

Red lures for bass fishing can also simulate bleeding or wounded prey. A bass is likely to identify this as an easy target and likely to strike. It’s important to note that if this is the approach a fisherman is taking, then it’s crucial to work the red fishing lure slowly to simulate injury. Dragging a red tube or creature bait across the bottom is very productive for catching bass while giving the allusion that the lure is bleeding. Using trailer baits that are red or orange is another effective technique to mimic bleeding prey. 

Red Bass Fishing Tubes

Understand Bass Vision When Using Red Lures

Fishermen have been trying to figure out for years what lure color a bass can or cannot see. Reports and scientific studies have been performed, and many range in conclusions. However, one thing is consistent, and that is the fact that red is one of the lure colors that bass see the best. It’s also believed that bass vision comes from their brain recognizing shades and correlating that with certain activities. In other words, a bass may have the habit of patrolling a specific shoreline because its brain is programmed to have success there when finding a food source. Furthermore, food source color can trigger a memory connection for the bass, resulting in its interest in eating it.

Understanding bass vision is a topic that has been debated for years. Unless you sat down with one and had a conversation, we may never know the colors a bass can see. 

Red Angle Fishing Lures For Fishermen

As fishermen, we demand the best fishing lures while fishing. Selecting the proper red fishing lures is vital for success. Red Angle Fishing offers a variety of fishing lures in the color red including stick baits, drop shot lures, creature baits, jig trailer lures, plastic worms, ned rig lures, and tube baits. Use the information above to understand why fishermen use red lures for bass fishing.


  1. Rach January 22, 2024 at 4:41 pm - Reply

    The Red Angle red stick baits and tube baits are my favorite to use! I love how this company has many different color options in different lures! Tight lines and fish on!

  2. Dax January 22, 2024 at 8:23 pm - Reply

    The Red Angle red stick baits and tube baits are my favorite to use! I love how this company has many different color options in different lures! Tight lines and fish on!

  3. Damon Dean February 6, 2024 at 1:07 pm - Reply

    I can see this being a factor in the lakes among our red-clay hills in my region… when I lived further south, fishing waters in loamy and swampy river and delta regions, greens and browns were the better crayfish colors most of the year round. Still learning to adjust my expectations up here…

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