9 Best Bass Fishing Baits and Lures 2024

As we approach the end of the 2023 fishing season, it’s time to start loading your tacking box with the best fishing baits and lures for bass in 2024. The best fishing baits and lures available are known to great anglers in advance, and they use this knowledge to enhance their fishing techniques. There is a ton of fishing gear available, but let’s be honest—the majority of it is overpriced and unreliable. In particular, soft-plastic baits, according to Ocean Blue Fishing Adventures, offer a slight yet organic action that piques the interest of predatory fish.

In this fishing article, we will reel in the best fishing lures and baits to catch big bass in 2024. 

Ninja Kicker – Trailer Bait Lure

Ninja Kicker - Trailer Bait Lure

The Ninja Kicker fishing lure is a popular and excellent option for trailer bait fishing. Its violent kicking motion is where its name originates – much like real ninjas displaying their acrobatic kicking skills. The Ninja Kicker trailer bait is versatile and can be set up for various fishing situations. This includes the ability to use this bait as creature bait when fishing. The Ninja Kicker is best used as a jig trailer, Texas rigged, free-fished, or, when bottom fishing, combined with a bullet weight to accelerate fall rates.

Try fishing this versatile trailer and creature bait sideways when rigged as a spinnerbait trailer or on a bladed jig. Its kicking tail imitates the flawless motion of a panfish making it perfect for bass fishing. 

Zeke Craw – Creature Bait Lure

Zeke Craw - Creature Bait Lure

Any angler who uses creature baits to bass fish must have soft craw baits. A soft craw lure needs to hold up when dragging over a rocky bottom or flipping into heavy cover. When it comes to lifespan, the Zeke Craw lure is the best in its class. The Zeke Craw’s lifelike crawfish pinchers and dense body design tempt large bass to bite by acting aggressively. This soft craw is quite versatile as it is rigged to punch through dense vegetation on its own or to serve as a trailer for a jig.

The lure’s detail is another outstanding feature of the Zeke Craw. The Zeke Craw’s ribbed body and detailed pincher features are designed to resemble crayfish, contributing to its success.

The Dart – Drop Shot Fishing Bait

The Dart - Drop Shot Lure

The Dart is an ultra-slim bait with vertical imprints on its side that acts swiftly, making it the best drop shot lure for imitating baitfish for bass to eat. This drop shot rig’s aqua-dynamic design enables it to dart through the water and attract big fish from a distance. Like a jerkbait, The Dart ceases activity when it’s not being worked to imitate a wounded fish and returns to its natural posture. The Dart has the highest success rate when fished rapidly or with light shakes to cause its slender tail to twitch.

Drop Kick – Drop Shot Fishing Lure

Drop Kick - Drop Shot Bait

For fishermen who fish the drop shot, the Drop Kick lure is one of the best drop shot lures. The Drop Kick exhibits a forceful snap of the tail, attracting the attention of large bass with its attention-grabbing movement. With its textured upper body and flat bottom, the Drop Kick bait elevates drop-shotting soft baits to a new level by maintaining your drop shot rig in a natural position. The Drop Kick fishing lure is a durable and realistic soft bait that enhances your drop shot rig while offering over 30 color selections. 

Wiggle Stick – Stick Bait Lure

Wiggle Stick - Stick Bait Lure

Packing over 50 diverse colors, the Wiggle Stick is the best soft plastic fishing lure ever created, and it has been proven to attract big bass. Unfortunately, when it comes to quality, most producers of stick baits fall short, but this is an area where the Wiggle Stick excels due to its unparalleled resilience. All fish are drawn in by its slight wiggle presentation and lifelike movement. The Wiggle Stick, well-known for its success, is great for the Wacky rig, drop-shotting deep water, the Texas rig, the Neko rig, and more.

The best thing about this stick bait is how durable it is in comparison to its rivals.

Thick Stick – Stick Bait Lure

Thick Stick - Stick Bait Lure

The Thick Stick lure is a beast of a stick bait. Only 5.1 inches long, this fishing lure gets its name from how much thicker it is than other stick baits. It’s designed to give fishermen the best quality stick bait with a more substantial presentation without overdoing the length. The Thick Stick is quite effective without sacrificing quality. Its bulky appearance draws attention from all bass. The body of the Thick Stick is masterfully ribbed to provide outstanding motion in the water.

Whether you Texas rig, Wacky rig, Neko rig, or other fishing techniques, this is a stick bait that catches the big bass.

Tiny Tim & Large Larry – Tube Bait Lures

Tube Bait Lure

There are two sizes available for these tube baits. Every size has advantages of its own and is designed to satisfy the needs of fishermen when bass fishing.

Tiny Tim – Tube Bait Lure

The shorter 3.75-inch profile of this tube bait is one of the best tube lures on the market. This soft plastic tube, designed with a thinner exterior, is ideal for smallmouth fishing. For the best results, use the Tiny Tim Tube Bait on a Texas rig, drop shot, and tube jig hook.

Large Larry – Tube Bait Lure

This 4-inch-long, soft-plastic tube bait is thicker than the Tiny Tim and is the bigger of the two tube baits. When the Large Larry Tube Bait is Texas rigged or used with an internal tube jig hook, it attracts large bass. This tube bait’s soft exterior makes it easier for fish to chomp down and bury the hook, increasing the number of bass you can catch.

R.A. Ned Bait Lure

R.A.Ned - Ned Bait Lure

The Reel Awesome Ned (R.A. Ned) is the best 3-inch ned bait known to catch quality bass. The R.A. Ned maintains its shape and doesn’t hold water or melt like other products on the market. It stands up as a Ned bait should do because of its distinctive design and buoyant body. The R.A. Ned is a great option for smallmouth bass fishing in shallow areas in the early spring or deep waters on a hot summer day.

Unlike other Ned baits on the market, the R.A. Ned lure is known for being simple to rig on a mushroom hook and produce big bass.

Concluding The Best Fishing Baits and Lures For Bass in 2024

When on the water, having the right fishing bait is essential to catching big bass. The top soft-plastic fishing lures for 2024 are previously mentioned. Start planning for a successful fishing season by stocking up on these quality fishing lures. All these baits are created to help you catch big bass. For additional fishing resources, cast your attention over to our helpful fishing videos

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