Bass Fishing Lures and Baits For Summer

As the summer heat arrives, it’s time to change your fishing approach with the best bass fishing baits and lures for summer. The best bass fishing baits and lures for summer provide anglers with the advantage needed when the water temps go up. As the water temperature increases, the bass becomes lethargic due to decreased oxygen levels. This means bass are less likely to exert extra energy to chase down prey. According to Circle All Access, the water temperature plays a significant factor in bass behavior during summer.

With so many bass fishing baits and lures available, we will provide the best options to land you more fish during the summer. 

740 StriKer Bait Lure

740 StriKer Bait Lure For Summer Fishing

The 740 StriKer bait is a soft plastic fishing lure designed for versatility and the best summer results. This bait offers subtle and natural wobbling action. Packed with a durable ribbed body and three additional ribs in the split tail, it’s designed to decrease unnecessary erratic action, unlike other baits in its class. Perfected with the right amount of coloring and flake, this soft-plastic fishing lure offers ideal options for what you need to catch fish during summer.

The 740 StriKer bait lure is perfect for many summer fishing techniques including:

  • Damiki Rig
  • Bladed Jig Trailer
  • Subtle Swimbait
  • Drop Shot
  • Trailer Bait
  • Hover Rig
  • Scrounger
  • Spinnerbait Trailer
  • Baitfish Presentation
  • Finesse Fishing Techniques

Whether you’re fishing with forward-facing sonar or not, the 740 StriKer is a must-have for modern fishing techniques.

Topwater Frog Lures

Who doesn’t like fishing a topwater frog lure and the exciting blow-ups that it produces? Topwater frogs allow fishermen to successfully access bass that are hiding under the thickest coverage. There are two topwater frog lures that stand out for producing big summer bass. 

Wacky Walkn’ Frog Lure

Wacky Walkin Frog Topwater Lure For Summer Fishing

During the summer fishing months when bass like to hang out under cover, you cannot pass on this lure. The Wacky Walkin’ Frog lure is the best for walking and gliding across thick covers, pads, vegetation, and open water. This hollow-body frog’s design is weedless to provide a topwater lure that triggers hidden fish to go wacky, resulting in exciting blow-ups. This topwater frog lure comes in at 2.8’ in body length (not including the tail) and .55 ounces in weight.

Psycho Poppin’ Frog Lure

Psycho Poppin Frog Topwater Lure For Summer Fishing

When fish venture out from thick vegetation during the summer to seek food, an open-water frog lure is a must. The Psycho Poppin’ Frog is a hollow-body topwater lure that provides the best aggressive action in open water. Its body sits at an approximate 30° angle with the rear partially submerged to give the perfect natural-looking position of a resting frog. This topwater frog lure entices fish to go psycho, resulting in huge blow-ups. The Psycho Poppin’ Frog has a body length of 2.8” and weighs ½ ounce. 

Ribbon Tail Worm Baits

Ribbon Tail Worm For Summer Fishing

Ribbon tail worms, also known as Texas ribbon worms, are a classic summer-time fishing bait lure. Here are two ribbon tail worm baits that are the best for summer bass fishing.

10” Ribbon Tail Worm Bait Lure

The best 10” fishing worm bait that gracefully falls with the tail providing attractive action for big bites. The Ribbon Tail Worm Sr is a soft-plastic worm that features a detailed ribbed body, a long ribbon-like tail, and a whopping 10” in total length. This Ribbon Tail worm can be fished with a Carolina rig, Texas rig, and other finesse fishing techniques. Its natural wiggling, rapid tail twirling, and lifelike swimming action provide the best option for summer fishing. This worm bait lure provides a large presentation that makes fish curious.

7.5” Ribbon Tail Worm Bait Lure

This 7.5” Ribbon Tail Worm bait lure features a detailed ribbed body and a medium-sized ribbon-like tail. This soft bait worm is a great alternative to give fish something a little different with its natural presentation and tail movement. With the tail providing an amazing ribbon-like action as it falls, fish are always interested in finding out if it tastes as good as it looks. Commonly used for many finesse styles such as the Texas and Carolina rig, the Ribbon Tail Worm Jr can be fished in a variety of ways. Whether you’re fishing with light or heavier weight, the RibbonTail Jr is the best 7.5” worm bait that provides a lifelike swimming action for summer fishing.

Rocket Bug – Creature Bait Lure

Rocket Bug Bait Lure For Summer Fishing

Whether you’re flipping into heavy cover, fishing open water, or need a trailer bait to enhance your presentation, the Rocket Bug creature bait lure is for you. It provides a durable body with a ton of aggressive action to catch summer bass. The Rocket Bug is designed to be fished fast or slow to ensure huge strikes from huge fish. We recommend fishing these creature bait lures with added weight to optimize fish-catching results. This is a soft plastic bait that you don’t want to fish without.

Stick Bait Fishing Lures

Some of the best bass fishing baits and lures for summer are stick baits. These fishing lures work all year round but seem to peek during summer fishing. Every size has its advantages and is designed to meet the needs of anglers when bass fishing.

Thick Stick Bait

Thick Stick Bait Lure For Summer Fishing

The Thick Stick bait lure gives fishermen the best summertime option to fish a thicker stick bait. Its dense and thicker body easily stands out to catch the attention of giant fish. The Thick Stick holds up against the toughest fish, providing durability without compromising its action. This soft-plastic stickbait can be fished in a multitude of techniques including the Texas rig, wacky rig, Neko rig, and more. The Thick Stick is your stick bait solution for producing massive strikes during your summer fish outing. 

Wiggle Stick Bait

Wiggle Stick Bait Lure For Summer Fishing

The Wiggle Stick bait lure is one of the most efficient soft baits for catching summer bass. This stickbait offers a natural wiggle as it falls through the water which entices fish to attack for an easy meal. Unlike competitors, the Wiggle Stick is designed to hold up against the toughest fish. Providing versatility, the Wiggle Stick can be used on a wacky rig, Texas rig, Neko rig, and more. See why the Wiggle Stick is the #1 soft plastic stick bait that allows anglers to put more fish in the boat.

The Dagger – Drop Shot Bait Lure

The Dagger Bait Lure For Summer Fishing

The Dagger is the best drop shot bait lure for summer bass when using the drop shot. Deeper water provides cooler water for bass to hide during the summer heat. The Dagger is a rugged and tough soft-plastic drop shot bait. Its rounded body, thick ribbed structure, and spade-like tail are designed to be compact and aggressive. Created to look fierce, this drop shot soft bait challenges fish so you experience more strikes, The Dagger can also be used as a trailer bait and a smaller shaky head presentation for finicky fish.

Spear Tail Worm Bait Lure

Spear Tail Worm Bait For Summer Fishing

The versatile Spear Tail Worm is known for its multi-purpose role when fishing summer bass. Its size packs a powerful presentation for anglers who need a larger dropshot bait for bigger fish, or a worm for universal fishing applications. The Spear Tail worm bait lure is great for many finesse fishing techniques. Its speared tail is designed to float off the bottom when fishing a shaky head rig so fish can’t resist striking it. The Spear Tail Worm offers a ribbed body and flat bottom, allowing fishermen to be versatile with their fishing style.

Concluding The Best Bass Fishing Baits & Lures For Summer

Having the best bass fishing baits and lures for summer is key to success during summer. Fish become more lethargic and seek cooler water more than ever. However, bass still need to eat. Providing them with these baits and lures that are designed for summer fishing will land you more fish. For additional fishing resources, cast your line to our helpful fishing videos.

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