The Best Soft Plastic Baits 2023

As we approach the end of the 2022 fishing season, it’s time to start planning your fishing strategies for the 2023 season. Great anglers always plan ahead by knowing what the best soft-plastic fishing baits on the market are that will improve their fishing game. There is a lot of fishing gear on the market, but let’s face it, most of the fishing products around are overhyped and lack performance. According to Take Me Fishing, soft-plastic baits are some of the best lures when fishing heavy vegetation.

In this article, we will give you a rundown of American-made soft-plastic fishing baits that are certain to put more fish in the boat during 2023.

Wiggle Stick – Stick Bait

Wiggle stick - soft-plastic bait

Perhaps one of the most effective soft-plastic fishing baits of all time, the stick bait has been known to catch fish. Unfortunately, the majority of manufacturers who create stick baits fail when it comes to quality. The Wiggle Stick checks this box when it comes to unmatching durability. This soft bait is designed to have a natural rate of fall in the water. Its lifelike movement provides a subtle wiggle presentation to catch the attention of all fish. Known for its versatility, the Wiggle Stick is an excellent option for the Wacky rig, Texas rig, Neko rig, drop-shotting deep water, and more.

The Wiggle Stick comes in numerous colors to give anglers more options to catch big fish. The most impressive factor of this stick bait is how well it holds up compared to the competitors.

Zeke Craw

Zeke Craw - soft-plastic bait

Soft craw baits are a must for all fishermen who bass fish and use creature baits. Whether flipping into heavy cover or dragging across a rocky bottom, a soft craw must hold up under all conditions. The Zeke Craw is superior in its class for longevity, and it’s not even close. Designed with a dense body and lifelike crayfish pinchers, the Zeke Craw gives off aggressive action and entices fish to bite. This soft craw is extremely versatile and can be rigged for a variety of fishing techniques, including a jig trailer.

Another impressive element of the Zeke Craw is the detail in the bait itself. Engineered to mimic crayfish, the Zeke Craw’s ribbed body and robust pincher details add to its success rate when seeking large fish.

Ninja Kicker – Jig Trailer

Ninja Kicker - soft-plastic bait

Hitting the fishing scene as one of the best jig trailer options, the Ninja Kicker soft bait is ridiculously awesome. Its name comes from the aggressive kicking motion it presents. Like actual ninjas kicking during combat, the Ninja Kicker jig trailer can be rigged for numerous fishing applications. This includes the fact that this bait can be fished as a creature bait. Anglers who fish the Ninja Kicker have been known to use it as a jig trailer, Texas rigged, fished freely by itself, or adding a bullet weight for faster fall rates when bottom fishing.

Try fishing this diverse trailer and creature bait in a sideways position when rigged as a jig trailer. By doing so, its kicking tail mimics the perfect motion of a panfish’s tail.

Rocket Bug – Creature Bait

Rocket Bug - soft-plastic bait

A lot is said about the Rocket Bug. A leader in creature baits, the Rocket Bug offers fishermen quality, durability, and a tremendous amount of action. Its presentation is known to agitate bass, which gives them no choice but to bite. The Rocket Bug has a very dense body to help you shred through heavy cover and brush when fishing for huge bass. This creature bait offers a great amount of detail to its upper and lower body.

This soft bait is designed to be fished finessed and aggressively. Try putting fishing the Rocket Bug on a skirted jig to add extra bulk to your bass fishing set-up.

Thick Stick – Stick Bait

Thick Stick - soft-plastic bait

A stick bait that’s on another level, the Thick Stick is a beast. Measuring just 5.1 inches in length, the Thick Stick gets its name from how thick it is, compared to standard stick baits. It’s created to provide anglers with a stick bait that offers a larger presentation without increasing in length. Needless to say, this stick bait packs a powerful punch without compromising quality. Its bulky appearance is an attention grabber for all fish. The Thick Stick’s body is perfectly ribbed to give excellent action in the water.

The Thick Stick can still be fished in traditional stick bait techniques, including Texas rigging, Wacky rigging, Neko rig, and more. Some anglers use it as a trailer for buzz baits and jigs.

R.A. Ned

Reel Awesome Ned Bait - soft-plastic bait

The Reel Awesome Ned (R.A. Ned) is an effective 3-inch ned bait that outperforms the competition. Unlike others on the market, the R.A. Ned does not hold water, or melt, and keeps its shape. Its unique design and buoyant body ensure that it stands upright like a true ned bait is supposed to. Notorious for its dynamic fishing abilities, the R.A. Ned is an excellent choice for fishing shallow waters for smallmouth during the early spring or deep waters during a summer day.

The R.A. Ned is known to be easy when rigging on a mushroom hook, unlike other ned baits available.

Magnum Razor Tail Worm

Magnum Razor Tail Worm - soft-plastic bait

For serious anglers who need to take their fishing skills to the next level, the Magnum Razor Tail Worm is a soft-plastic bait that gets the job done. Its razor-like tail cuts through the water with quick and aggressive action. Its dense and thick body gives off a tremendous amount of shadowing to catch the attention of big fish. Perhaps one of the most diverse soft-plastic worms on the market, the Magnum Razor Tail Worm is successful on a Texas rig, Neko rig, jig trailer, and more.

This soft-plastic fishing worm can also be used in a cast and retrieve technique. Whatever your fishing style is, the Magnum Razor Tail Worm is designed to be fished with finesse or power.

Finesse Arrow Worm

Finesse Arrow Worm

The Finesse Arrow Worm is for serious finesse anglers. Well known to be fished on a shaky head, this soft-plastic worm tests the patience of both fishermen and bass. Designed with a ribbed upper body and flat bottom, the Finesse Arrow Worm performs best when fished slowly.

One of the best finesse baits on the fishing market, the Finesse Arrow Worm is a true testament to how patience pays off when catching big bass.

Spear Tail Worm

Spear Tail Worm

The robust Spear Tail Worm is sized perfectly for numerous fishing techniques. It measures 5.1 inches and has plenty of thickness to catch big fish. The Spear Tail Worm is perfect for larger drop shot baits and anglers who need a medium-sized fishing worm.

Its details on the top, flat ribbed bottom, and speared tail provide an aggressive presentation that sparks the interest of all fish species.

Ribbon Tail Worm

Ribbon Tail Fishing Worm

A soft-plastic worm that gives a diligent presentation that fish can’t resist. The Ribbon Tail Worm comes in two sizes, 10 inches, and 7.5 inches. Fishing anglers need to get pretty sometimes with what they want the fish to see. And the Ribbon Tail Jr. and Ribbon Tail Sr. offer just that. Control how rapidly the ribbon tail performs by adjusting the weight you use while fishing this soft-plastic worm.

Most anglers find the best results by Texas rigging the Ribbon Tail Worm with lighter weight used.

Large Larry & Tiny Tim – Tube Baits

Fishing Tube Baits

These tube baits are offered in two sizes. Each size has its own benefits and is created to meet anglers’ fishing needs.

Large Larry – Tube Bait

The larger of the two tube baits, this soft-plastic tube measures 4 inches in length and is thicker than the Tiny Tim. The Large Larry Tube Bait produces great results when it’s Texas rigged and used on a tube jig hook. The outside of this tube bait is soft to allow fish to really chomp down and embed the hook easier, allowing you to catch more fish.

Tiny Tim – Tube Bait

This tube bait offers a smaller profile of 3.75 inches in length. Created to have a thinner outside, this soft-plastic tube is perfect for smallmouth fishing. Try the Tiny Tim Tube Bait on a drop shot, tube jig hook, and Texas rig for outstanding results.

Let’s Get The Final Weigh-In At The Dock

Possessing proper fishing baits while on the water is key to success while catching quality fish. We have provided the best soft-plastic fishing baits for 2023, so you can get a head start for next season’s fishing success. Each of these baits is created and designed to serve as a powerful resource to accomplish your fishing goals.

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